Thursday, April 14, 2011

Used as a Antenna

So I got done doing a very crazy experiment that involved using the same metal water battery - glue version. So I had the crazy idea to use the same metal water battery as a antenna. So one end of the plates was not connected to anything and I connected the other plate to a Avramenko Plug and hook that to my meter. To my surprise I did get voltage but what shock me was what happen when I put it near my CFL light. The CFL light emits high voltage so it should increase the voltage but it didn't, much less voltage came from plug. Turing everything off in the room also show a voltage was still coming to the meter. Adding another cell in series increase the voltage output too!

Using dissimilar metals did not work as good as the same metals, the dissimilar metals gave worse results, they acted like a resistor.

Also the same metal cells would act like a capacitor, storing the electricity. But the best part I see was that adding the same metal cells in series would increase the voltage output.

What I think is happening is that the plate is absorbing the radio waves and being increase due to the voltage that exist in the plates themselves and thats why I see the power. Also no ground was used, but I figure a ground might have given me better results.

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