Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amps and Spacing

So I've gotten back from my local hardware store with some bigger pieces of aluminum plates. I picked up a 6 inch by 24 inch thin sheet of aluminum for testing. I want to prove that the more aluminum the more amps. I find that I have proven that the more aluminum you have in the water the amps you get. The less of aluminum you have in the water the less amps you have.

But there was one more thing that I found out that gave me more amps and that was spacing of the plates. The closer they are the more amps I get. So now spacing has entered the picture.

With this increase of spacing I was able to charge my 10 Farad super capacitor, this was something that the other plates could barely do. My 22,000mF capacitor also charges faster too.

So Plate size affects amps!

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