Sunday, February 27, 2011

I've had some people get my cells confused with Concentration cell, which are galvanic cells. In no way is my cells a Concentration cell, a Concentration cell uses the same metal like my cells but a Concentration cell uses two different electrolyte that are connected by a salt bridge. My cells are the same metals in the same electrolyte, and the electrolyte is distilled water. The textbooks say my cells should not work but they do. On top of that my cells don't need to be exposed to air or oxygen to work. I find that i get the best life out of my cells when I have the air tight so that no air can come in and so that no water can evaporate out.

As to what determines the positive and negative is still up in the air, I use to think that it was plate size but thats not true anymore. Sometimes the smaller plate is positive and sometimes it negative. It feels like the water determines the positive and negative plates.
A new idea came to my head about my same metal water batteries. Since there is water in the air and that water is as pure as distilled water I think there might be a way for me to treat the water in the air like the water in my cups. Sticking two plates in the air and the water thats between could make my same metal water battery. This could be what Tesla was talking about with his electricity from the air, he could have been tapping the water electricity due to the thunder and lighting.

The water in the air could be the reason why we get radio transmissions?

But this all just an idea as of now.
I've have a old video of one of my attempts at making the same metal water battery into a real battery by putting many cells together. You'll notice I call the same metal water battery a water captret, it was because at the time i was dealing with the captret idea and it seem to act like the captret. I've come to know now that the captret and the this same metal water battery are not really the same, but they do share a lot of similarities. In this video below I show that the battery outputs more power over time when given a load. This is something that normal batteries or even normal water batteries can't do, thus showing that my cells are doing something special.


I've been doing some testing to see which type of same metal water battery will work best. When I first started working on this I made cells that had one thick folded plate and now I've come to conclusion that folding the plates is not good. The folded plates seem to be affected by the capillary action, where water will rise up and these folded plates are not only trapping water but some type of gas. The capillary action causes the folded plate to expand too which also lowers the output voltage.

To solve this problem is very simple, instead of folding one of the same metal plates I leave both of them not folded but one plate is still bigger than the other. Both plates being not folded still produce the same amount of power show that the charge I was getting had to deal with the surface of the metal.

Another problem I had was with nature itself, causing my water to evaporate. This was very easy to solve all I did was put a plastic wrap on the top of the cell. To solve both problems I myself needing to get a cup with a lid on it and poke holes on the top of it for aluminum plates to go through and seal up the holes so that its air tight. When the cup is air tight with the plates in them I need to feel up the cup up with water till it over flows and then put the lid on it insuring that there's no air inside of the cup. This should make for the best cells. Also only using distilled water will also make things a little better, but tap water can be used so long as the cup is sealed so that the tap water can't evaporate.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Showing that you can even be so clever to make a paper and pencil battery.

Showing that you can also use graphite instead of aluminum.

How to make the same metal water battery:

In this video i say use tap water, but thats because this video is a little old and it went by a different name. You can use distilled water and you don't need to fold that one plate many times but this video gives you a good idea on how this all works.

I've tried to get my idea out to the people using many different forums and no matter how many post I created people either didn't care or are considering me stupid. The idea is simple and easy for anyone to replicate, its just the fact that I'm going against what science says and everyone want to take science's side, but the results point to me. I'm considering posting everything to Blogger my last resort in getting the idea out to everyone. I find that I would rather die with my idea out in the world then to die with my idea and I all I need is someone to listen. As to why no one listen to me is beyond me, I figured that anyone giving away the idea for a battery that could last for long time, if not forever, would get my attention any day; if the idea goes against what is known then you're cast away as being stupid. I also figure that no one will listen to you if just give it away either, people want the romance that goes along with it; people want a mystery device that using some special something that is very rare and something simple just destroys the romance.

So you're probably wondering what this amazing idea is? Like I said before it's really simple and can be made from the stuff you probably have in your house. Like the title says I use the same metal for a water battery. Normal water batteries use two very different metals to make a electrical voltage due to the galvanic reaction. The problem with normal water batteries is the galvanic reaction, the galvanic reaction will cause one of the metal to corrode and once fully corrode the cell will stop producing voltage. If you find a way you to eliminate the galvanic reaction you could have a battery that will last for a long time because nothing will be corroded.

Thats where the idea for using the same metals in a water comes along, but this idea is not new. When i say its not new I don't mean that my way has been done before but instead of them using different metals they would use the same metals but have each in a different electrolyte solution with a salt bridge connecting them and the electrolytic was the thing that causes the voltage to occur. My idea is different, it uses the same metals in the same electrolyte which is distilled water.

So what makes the two of the same metals in distilled water go against what science says? Well science and everyone else says that this is impossible. You would think that this is impossible because how can you have voltage from the same metal plates, one must be different so that you can get a galvanic reaction so then you'll have voltage. Distilled water also should not work, and yes you can use tap water if you choose but the fact that distilled water works is completely amazing. Distilled water is lacking the ions that make water conductive, so distilled water makes for a great capacitor but a battery should be impossible. Something that I find creepy is the fact that I was thinking about Stanley Meyer the guy who is made famous by his car that ran on water and started to think he might have used this trick to in his water car. I just did a simple Google search for "distilled water capacitor" and it brought info only about Stanley Meyer. Doing a simple Google search about galvanic cells you'll find that you can't use the same metals and a simple search will show that distilled water doesn't work well for conducting electricity. So where is this electricity coming from?

I see that the electricity is coming from the water itself and the water is a type of electret. It becomes a electret by it evaporating in the air and being exposed to thunder and lighting and then condensing back to earth. I also find it amazing that one cell will produce about the same voltage as the human electricity that we have. Since most of the human body is water, our bodies could be using the water electricity for our brain and muscles to work. Since humans, plants, and animals need water you might consider water being the very wheel work of nature and tapping electricity from water could have you tapping the very wheel work of nature.

But if it can't charge your iPod then people don't care.