Friday, April 22, 2011

Capacitor charging

I have one of my same metal glue battery cell hook up to a small 1uF capacitor to see if it will charge it. It does charge but I'm seeing something quite unusual. It keeps charging the capacitor beyond the point of where the cell started at. I hook the cell up to the capacitor with it reading only around 70mV but now its up to 80mV. Yes the capacitor was left shorted out for 24 hours before the test started. Many of you will not believe me and say I'm crazy to be reporting this but it is happening.

When given a load such as the capacitor the cell starts to output more power over time. I've seen this before with the original same metal water battery which was called the water captret at the time.

Call me crazy but this is really happening.

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  1. Its should be more interesting if you rolled the glue capacitor and put some metal surround it. Then your captret effect should be come.