Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taking the heat

I don't understand why I get some much heat from people about these types of cells? Bedini makes a obvious galvanic battery and people praise him, but I make any thing people bash me. I prove that using glue instead of water works in a water battery setup. From my understanding is that when glue dries its evaporating the water so how can you have power if no water is their? Also the glue holds strong to the plates so how will the plate corrode if it can't fall apart? Or better yet why does using the same metal plates still give me a damn voltage!!!!!! After all galvanic reaction relies on the different metals in a electrolyte.

Here's a little advise to anyone who wants to do experiments in the free energy field, Make it hard! Make it so hard that people can't easily replicate what you've done, and then they'll be forced to agree with you. Use parts that only you can make or even make them up. Make up crap to keep the people happy. Design things that look hard and use complex angles that no one can get correct. Because when you make simple things like I do people don't won't to believe it, because its too simple and holds no mystery to it. If you do go my route and make things easy for people to replicate and actual tell the truth and don't make up crap just to please them then you will surely get ridiculed and pushed to the side as to make room for the people who do make up crap and also lie.

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