Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I think I may have a good guess as to where the power from the same metal water battery is coming from. The idea was proposed when I was studying the cement version of the same metal water battery and notice the voltage has increased the next day. So what changed about the cell? I did nothing to it but the concrete was curing. When it cures it gets harder, it may take concrete days before it can be load baring due to it harding. As it hardens pressure is put on the plates. Thus we see pressure come into the picture.

The Voltage is influenced by pressure!

Pressure does make sense. Lets think about my cells that use water, when you go deeper in the water the pressure builds. When we notice that one plate is barely touching the water it has a different pressure on it than the one fully in the water.

Remember when I thought it could be heat that influenced the cells, well this still holds true. The hotter the water the more it expands thus more pressure.

I believe what we have here is cells driven by pressure! Pressure Cells! Having one cell deeper in the water should create higher voltage, but a big tube of water is needed. If it is pressure driven then you could say its powered by gravity since gravity is needed to give water its pressure.

I'll put pictures above to show you the voltage increase in the cement same metal water battery.

This is just an idea so I could be wrong.

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