Monday, April 11, 2011

Move away from Water

I would like to find a different substance besides water. I'm not talking about being anti water but substances that hold themselves together. Like the same metal concrete cells that I made needed water but dry and hold the plates and still produce power. So this got me thinking, I need something like concrete but drys faster. Then it hit me, glue. Glue will do the same as concrete but dries faster. The only glue type thing I have in the house was all-purpose Caulk and it seems to be working. I'm getting a voltage from the "Caulk same metal battery". I'm going to let it dry overnight to see if the voltage stays or will it go away when it dries.

If this glue idea works I'm thinking maybe glue as simple as "Elmer's glue" would work or some strong "lock-tite" glue could work. More testing will be done but I can say that the caulk glue is working now, but when it dries I don't know.

Using Glue could bring back the smaller straw cells because the dreaded air bubbles won't form like water.

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