Friday, April 8, 2011


It seems that I've been going after the wrong thing with these cells. I've been chasing voltage when I should have been chasing amps. These cells don't like to be in series so going after volts is pointless. Going after amps will allow me to charge capacitors and the more amps the faster the charging. I need to find out how to increase amps.

When I go after amps I'll be able to make the same metal water battery into a captret style cell that will cut down on the number of cells needed. It started with the captret idea and I wanted to know how they work so it developed into the same metal water battery and now it seems that I'm going back to the captret. It's like a circle.

I do think that amps are increased with plate size, so if this is true I see bigger plates and bigger cells in the future. If plate size increase amps then I'll be able to charge big capacitors faster and either put those caps in series or hook one or two up to a joule thief and finally run my LED!

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