Monday, April 4, 2011

SMWB is charging Capacitors

These cells do charge capacitors just fine, but to get the best charge I do have to fine tune the cells. By fine tunning the cells I'm talking about making the cells that produce 600mV plus. I must match the plates up very carefully so that I can get those higher Milli-volts.

One cell that is fine tunned was able to charge a 220uf capacitor to 500mV in about 30 seconds. 500mV is a good number from one cell. If I can get one of the bigger capacitors or even a super capacitor to charge that high I could use a joule thief circuit to power a LED from that low voltage. If I do remember correct most joule thief circuits can run as low as 300mV. So Maybe one cell could give me the results I want of lighting a LED.

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