Friday, April 8, 2011

Concrete cells

It seems that the concrete cells are losing voltage by the day. When I fist started to make these cells the voltage was low and climb the next 2 days but after that it has kept going down. 5 days in and went from the 200mV range down below the 100mV range. It seems as the concrete dries the water is being removed and the water was what kept these cell producing power. Here's a chart of the voltage going down.

-----------concrete cell
219.1 7:36am 4-6-2011
207.2 9:30am 4-6-2011
164.3 1:49pm 4-6-2011
137.7 7:14pm 4-6-2011
123.6 6:27am 4-7-2011
117.4 10:38am 4-7-2011
108.7 6:18pm 4-7-2011
104.8 8:13pm 4-7-2011
96.8 6:24am 4-8-2011

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