Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Past the 15 day mark

I've just passed the 15 day mark on my latest design of using only flat plates in distilled water cell. Why is this so important? After 15 days the cells that had folded plate would start to show corrosion or discoloring of the plate. The latest cell design has passed the mark of 15 days and still looks new.

What this test is very simple, make a cell and short it out for 15 days straight and see what happens. I've narrowed down to a cell that seems very promising. I've started this test with other cells months ago to find the best solution that won't fail. I started with cups with folded plates in tap water with no lid to cups that have both plates flat in distilled water with a lid on them. Everything I learn I put into the smaller straws cells so that I can have cells that will last to a really long time.

As you can see in the picture the water is still clear and the plates still look like new. Since I past the 15 day mark I look forward to the 30 day mark.

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