Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Aluminum Nail

The idea for the smaller straw cell was working fine until I needed to put them in series. When you put them in series they do increase voltage, thats not a problem, it's getting the top of the aluminum nail to touch each other is the problem. Not saying the aluminum nail was a failed idea, it did prove that the same size plates still produce power. The nail as it is will not give me a good connection that I was hoping. I've thought about using screws so that I can use nuts and plates to hold them together but figure that would get expensive after awhile.

Then it hits me, they make aluminum wire. I can use aluminum wire and when I need to connect cells together I can create a pig-tail connection with the wire to wire. Plus the wire will be much cheaper than the screw idea.

This whole project has been mostly hit and miss and discovering new ways of doing things. When I think I got it something else pops up. Also the hot glue to seal off the ends is not work as good as I hoped, I'm thinking about melting the plastic of the straw to create a better seal.

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