Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Building the straw cells and a update

I'm still working on perfecting the straw versions of my cells. Just like always i've ran into a slight problem with these cells. I thought I would be able to just fill the cells up with water once one end was sealed, but it doesn't work that way. When i try to fill up the cells air pockets start to fill and those air pockets don't allow electricity to flow. I've tried many different ways to keep the air bubbles from forming but It's really hard. The only idea I have is to try a some type of needle that fits in the small hole of the straw and slowly fill it up like that. Putting it under water when one end is capped off keeps the air in and you can squeeze the air out but you get it all out so you're left with air pockets. Pouring water from the top with a cup when one end is capped off creates a water bubble at the top that has the water fall of the sides and not in the straw. So I figure a needle feeling from the inside would be the best bet. Also one important thing is make sure you short the cells out for at least a day, this is how they recharge.

I did get one straw cell working after many failed attempts, heres a video of it working after its been shorted out for a day. I'm hoping to power something soon, like a clock or LED.

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