Monday, March 21, 2011

Aluminum Wire

So I finally got my aluminum wire in and its working great! Like always when something is working great I run into another problem. The new problem I'm having has nothing to do with the wire but with the straws. The problem doesn't show up right away when i'm making the cells but soon after. When I get both ends of the straw closed with the distilled water inside for some odd reasons some will get a air bubble in the middle of the cell, thus not allowing the water to not touch and then no electricity can flow and now the cell is dead. I really like the straw idea because it was small and used less resources but it seems I might need to go back to my old idea of using the cups.

The only reason why I never like the cups was that they took up a lot of space and water. I'll keep using the Aluminum wire as it is working great when I need to put cell in series.

What I find odd is that the cells straws that had the aluminum nail in them work find and didn't get bubbles in them as much, I may need to combine the two ideas?

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