Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've been doing some testing to see which type of same metal water battery will work best. When I first started working on this I made cells that had one thick folded plate and now I've come to conclusion that folding the plates is not good. The folded plates seem to be affected by the capillary action, where water will rise up and these folded plates are not only trapping water but some type of gas. The capillary action causes the folded plate to expand too which also lowers the output voltage.

To solve this problem is very simple, instead of folding one of the same metal plates I leave both of them not folded but one plate is still bigger than the other. Both plates being not folded still produce the same amount of power show that the charge I was getting had to deal with the surface of the metal.

Another problem I had was with nature itself, causing my water to evaporate. This was very easy to solve all I did was put a plastic wrap on the top of the cell. To solve both problems I myself needing to get a cup with a lid on it and poke holes on the top of it for aluminum plates to go through and seal up the holes so that its air tight. When the cup is air tight with the plates in them I need to feel up the cup up with water till it over flows and then put the lid on it insuring that there's no air inside of the cup. This should make for the best cells. Also only using distilled water will also make things a little better, but tap water can be used so long as the cup is sealed so that the tap water can't evaporate.

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