Sunday, May 29, 2011

its been awhile

Its been awhile since I've posted anything but I'm back. Since I've been gone I have been working more on these cells of all different types. I was mostly focused on the cement cells but I soon stopped work on them due to the galvanic reaction that was happening in them. With the cement cells the outside was drying but the inside still had water and thus we had a galvanic battery, not what I want.

This has not stopped me at all from continuing my work. The only reason why I'm posting here again is because the forums don't care anymore. I have come back to the glue cells and the only reason why is they show pure petrovoltaic effect. I've cut one glue cell up to see if any water was in it and much to my enjoyment the cell was bone dry. I can safely say that the glue cells are not galvanic at all. The glue cells show the real promise of free energy. I have one glue cell shorted out for a long time and it still produces power. I've started to eliminate factors that could power these cells, like humidity. I've taken the shorted out cell and put it in a air tight container so that moisture doesn't affect it and I also painted one glue cell completely with black spray paint to keep moisture out. I'm glad to report that both cells still work just fine.

I've also experimented with WD-40 too. WD-40 repels water and thats what I need if I want non-galvanic cells. So far test with WD-40 are ok, low voltages but no corrosion. I even mix the WD-40 with concrete but the voltage is very low.

Testing is still being continued with my petrovoltaic cells. I hope to be able to charge a capacitor then run a load off the capacitor. I also would like to note that these glue cells and other petrovoltaic cells act very different form other batteries. When you put a glue cell in series the voltage will actually go down but put them in parallel and the voltage goes up. Also hooking one cell up to a capacitor shows very interesting things too. The cell could produce a max of 30mV but hook it to a capacitor and the cell will charge the capacitor to over 200mV! Amazing when you consider that the capacitor had no charge in it to begin with. I think this effect relates to them both being dielectric materials.

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